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Job Description
This is an entry level human services position providing desired supports to persons with disabilities, in a residential setting, so that they may achieve the highest level of independent living possible within their community. This is an hourly, non-exempt position.

A Behavior Support Technician provides support to individuals who have some form of Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability as well as a Psychiatric/Behavioral Diagnosis, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders or Autistic Tendencies. These individuals are prone to poor social and communication skills, exhibiting impulsive behaviors, poor decision making, and verbal/physical aggression. Behavioral Observation and Assessment and Crisis Intervention and Prevention Skills are used on a daily basis.

An employee in this class provides training and supports to assigned persons served in dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, house cleaning, laundry, and other activities of daily living. Additional responsibilities include assisting with the purchasing of groceries, training in food preparation, administering medications, and assist in the management of personal funds. This employee assists in the implementation of personal plans; contributes to the development and maintenance of a therapeutic environment; and establishes effective interpersonal relationships with each person served, their parents and/or guardians, and other members of the support team.

Work involves responsibility for observing and reporting information concerning the physical, mental, and behavioral condition of the persons served and for assisting in the maintenance of necessary records and reports to document these observations. Close supervision and direction is received from the Program Supervisor, and/or other staff members who review work through reports and direct observations.

Essential Job Functions

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all tasks, which may be found in position of this class.)

1. Behavioral Observation/ Assessment and Crisis Intervention and Prevention Skills are used on a daily basis

2. Provides support to persons served in dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, house cleaning, laundry, and other activities of daily living.

3. Implements outcomes and strategies of individual personal plans under the supervision of the Program Supervisor, or other staff members; provides supports as identified in the personal plans; attends review meetings when assigned.

3. Assists with the purchasing of groceries and supplies; supports persons served in preparing their own meals.

4. Provides support to persons served in maintaining a safe and clean environment in their

5. Provides support to persons served in becoming active participants in their communities.

6. Supports persons served in participating in varied meaningful vocational, domestic, and leisure activities in the community of their choosing.

7. Observes, reports, and assists in recording changes in the physical, emotional, behavioral status of persons served and documents progress on the outcomes listed in personal plans.

8. Assists in providing basic health care for persons served; takes temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and applies simple dressings when necessary.

9. Administers oral, rectal, vaginal, optic, ophthalmic, nasal, and topical medications, after certification by The Arc of the Ozarks and Missouri State officials.

10. Assists in the orientation of new employees.

11. Takes appropriate action in case of fire and/or disaster. Encourages the development and maintenance of a safe environment for persons served in a residential setting including developing plans for evacuation assistance in case of emergency, using the on-call pager; and training in securing emergency services such as the police, the fire department, and an ambulance.

12. Assists persons served in securing and effectively managing funds; ensuring the
Individuals’ choices of how these funds are spent, budgeting, etc.

13. Assists in maintaining an inventory of supplies in the home.

14. Performs other related work as assigned.

Job Requirements

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Ability to exercise good judgement and discretion.

2. Ability to work varied and flexible hours, accept and adapt to changes in assignments, methods, policies, etc.

3. Ability to work with and respect persons with disabilities and advocate for their rights.

4. Ability to learn and apply crisis intervention and behavior support techniques.

5. Ability to administer oral, rectal, vaginal, optic, ophthalmic, nasal, topical medications and insulin injections after certification by The Arc of the Ozarks and Missouri State officials.

6. Ability to teach basic skills and model adaptive behaviors at home and in the community.

7. Ability to maintain a safe, clean and agreeable environment for the persons served.

8. Ability to accurately report and record observations.

9. Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form.

10. Ability to stand, stoop, lift up to 50 lbs, and pull and push items.

11. Ability to pass with satisfactory performance CPR, First Aid, and Behavior Intervention training.

12. Ability to maintain a record of punctuality and attendance.

13. Must possess a valid driver’s license and ability to obtain Missouri Class E driver’s license

Minimum Experience

Be a minimum of eighteen years of age and possession of a diploma from an accredited High School or the equivalent.

Training Requirements

1. Successfully complete a course in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid
2. Successfully complete a 16 hours course in Medication Administration.
4. Successfully complete a 10 course in MANDT System Workshop
5. Successfully complete a course in OSHA regulations on Health and Safety.
6. Successfully comlete a course in Abuse & Neglect
7. Successfully compelte a course in Electronic Documentation
*Other trainings per department or per home location may be required, refer to policy 8.106 for specific requirements.
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